The danger of quick fix development

August 04, 2014

A few days ago I was reading a funny article about blundering Chinese workers that have created a stadium running track with right angled corners. Apparently the workers had to make some drastic adjustments in order to complete the stadium on time before the Communist Party leaders popped up for a “surprise” visit. Painting the white stripes in a square was quicker, and apparently not a big deal for the local government.

After reading the article, I noticed that I've seen this before. You see it often in the software development world. Projects that are getting close to a deadline often have the same issue. Projects are descoped by managers that want fast results in order to comply with deadlines that are agreed to the customer. They are willing to sacrifice best practices and even core functionality. In some cases, this leads to absurd situation, comparable to the work of those Chinese workers.

So as a software developer, don't laugh with those Chinese workers!

Jeroen Bellen
Jeroen Bellen